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Testimonials from past buyers and others that have done business with Pavloski Waterfront Developments.

“Brad –  People can buy houses, come across people every day, but the day that I stepped foot on your amazing development, I just knew that I belonged here.  You have been a wonderful person to myself & my family from the very first day.”

-Sandy West

“Beth, the kids, and I want to thank you for the waterfront development you and Pat created. We love our new home! It was everything we talked about in the numerous visits we had with you and Pat. The entire setting and the towns’ people are simply wonderful. Mike and his crew delivered a spectacular home for us to enjoy and create many fond family memories. Please post our email for potential buyers, there are no regrets when buying from you and the crews that made our home simply beautiful. Thanks again–see you around!”

-Jerry & Beth Skowronski, Homeowners at Island Lake at Copper Point
Huntley, IL

“We have been coming to Castle Rock Lake for the last 25 years. You will not find a better lake and better waterfront developments anywhere in the Midwest. The lake is conveniently located and is a fantastic all-around lake. I highly recommend Pavloski Waterfront Developments and any of the projects that they are doing.”

-Tom Diehl, Lot owner at Glacier Point
Wisconsin Dells, WI
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“Great Lake. Best in Wisconsin!!! I recommend Pavloski Waterfront Developments and Castle Rock Lake to anyone looking for the perfect vacation home or as an investment. You will not find a better lake.”

-Dan Gavinski, Lot owner at High Ridge at Castle Rock Lake
Wisconsin Dells, WI
Owner: Original Wisconsin Dells Ducks

“We have seven- and eight-year-old kids. Finding a vacation spot that dad, mom, and the kids would enjoy was difficult. We found our dream location at Castle Rock Lake. You will not find a nicer lake or better waterfront developments. I have known the developers for over 20 years. You will not find more honest or better developers anywhere.”

-Mike Tams, Lot owner at WaterStone at Castle Rock Lake
Former Wisconsin Badger Football teammate of developers Brad Pavloski and Pat Pavloski.
Batavia, IL

“I have had an interest in property in the Castle Lake area for the last 15years. I believe Pavloski Developments has the vision and expertise to make Copper Point the premier development on Castle Rock Lake. I have ‘found’ my retirement home.”   

-John Hofferica, Lot owner Copper Point at Castle Rock Lake
Homer Glen, IL

“We were at Clearwater for Memorial weekend, and it is awesome! The kids are crazy about the floats and the new slide. The water is so clear–our son’s friends said it’s like the ocean. The white sand and boulders had one of our relatives reminiscing of growing up at the coast. Fish were jumping … I think we even heard whooping cranes. Lots of fun. Thanks for everything.”

-Brian and Karen Anderson, owners at Clearwater Lake at Copper Point
Minneapolis, MN

“Every time I look out the door, I remember how much I love it here. Whatever age you are when you move to the lake is the age you will remain. No matter where you live,  you will call it home. At first they are your neighbors, but then they will be your best friends. The sunsets are so amazing here. We wanted to give our children the same childhood experiences we had growing up. Family time, fishing, swimming and fun times spent with friends. So much sand, so little time! Crystal blue water, pure white sand, we’re not in San Diego Toto, we’re at Castaway Lake (at Copper Point).”

-Keith and Loree Kramar

“My wife and I bought in Copper Point in 2010 and we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision. We enjoy visiting the many restaurants on the lake and love being able to take our pontoon over to the Castle Rock Golf Course to play golf. The Castle Rock Lake area is a sportsman’s paradise with great hunting and fishing only minutes from your door. After looking in the area for several years, we were convinced that Copper Point would hold the best value for our summer home investment–we were right!”

-Curt & Mary Hustad, Copper Point at Castle Rock Lake
Minneapolis, MN

“As parents and grandparents, we couldn’t imagine a better way to bring our families closer together than owning a home at Stonegate. The pleasure my wife and I have had, watching our grandchildren enjoy all the amenities that come with ownership, is hard to put into words. What a truly wonderful gift it is to share family memories together. Memories that will last long after we are gone. Stonegate Lake ownership is truly a gift that will last a lifetime.”

-The Hancock family, Stone Gate Lake at Castle Rock Lake
South Beloit, IL

“The only way our experience could be better would be if my summer home was my permanent residence. Walk to the beach, kids are safe, friends at the lake and fun year-round. Leave all the hassles at home and get a truly great relaxing break.”

-George Olney, Stone Gate Lake and Copper Point at Castle Rock Lake

“My wife picked up a brochure for lakefront developments at a rest stop on our way home from our son’s near Milwaukee. It sounded intriguing, but we live hours from Castlerock Lake, and I had no desire to build a lake home, especially one farther north than where we currently live. My wife would bring it up from time to time, so a year later I agreed to make a trip up to see the area just so she would let it go. We fell in love with what we saw and heard. Two days later we bought a lake lot. Now we have a beautiful lake home that is our little slice of heaven. Everyone at the lake is so friendly, it’s like an extended family.”

-Kirk & Beth Meints, Copper Point at Castle Rock Lake

“For years we have searched for the ideal vacation/retirement property, and we finally found it at Stone Gate Lake Development. Stone Gate Lake is a beautiful lake surrounded by a friendly community, set in a magnificent location of Wisconsin. Breathtaking views of the lake and Buckhorn State Park give Stone Gate Lake that ‘Up North’ feel. And we can’t speak highly enough about Brad Pavloski. Pavloski Developments are the most considerate and conscientious developers we have ever worked with. We love the Castle Rock Lake area and highly recommend that others searching for Wisconsin property take a look at Stone Gate Lake Development.” 

-Tim & Lynette Fennell, owners at Stone Gate Lake at Castle Rock Lake
Crystal Lake, IL

“Stone Gate–what an absolutely great place to wake up at each morning. My wife and I are both retired and looked for a place to build a new retirement home. Well, we found Pavloski Developments. What a pleasure it was to work with Brad Pavloski. He made the process very easy, along with Creative Builders. If you enjoy the outdoors, fishing, boating, and abundant wildlife to observe, try Stone Gate. You WILL NOT be disappointed.”

-Jim Keene, Stone Gate Lake

“I have known the developers (Brad and Pat Pavloski) since grade school, and I’m so glad they had both the opportunity and the inspiration to create their developments! We purchased our lot at Copper Point in 2009, and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. We built our lake home in 2012 and we love going there!  It’s so peaceful and relaxing to have the lake and beach right off the walk-out basement. The kids love to swim in the crystal-clear water of Copper Lake, and the house is perfect for large family functions. Our middle son is autistic, and he absolutely loves cruising Castle Rock Lake on our boat, which is moored at the pier to which we are entitled as Copper Point lot owners. We will often walk the 1.1 miles on the trails just to work out some extra energy and get added exercise. Our youngest son never fails to ask to go to the clubhouse, which is another fantastic perk of owning at Copper Point! Our residence is just outside of Madison, so the location for our vacation home is perfect, far enough to feel like you ‘left town’ but close enough for even a day trip.”  

-Jon Filter, Copper Point at Castle Rock Lake
Madison, WI

“We have our home at Copper Point and we love it.  When my husband and I come alone, it’s quiet, peaceful and so relaxing. When we come with our kids and grandkids, we have a blast! We come here all year long, lots of activities for everyone in the winter also but of course the summer is best. Castle Rock Lake is so big we have plenty of room to do all our water activities–boating, jet skiing, tubing, etc. But best of all is the private lake. It’s like having our own gigantic neighborhood swimming pool, very clean and inviting.  Except, we all get to play in the sand, jump off the raft, paddleboard and kayak. Then if it’s cold and raining out we still have the clubhouse.  How much better can it get?  Needless to say we are happy that we finally were able to build our vacation home here.”  

-Anne-Marie Martin, Copper Point at Castle Rock Lake

“Stone Gate/Castle Rock Lake is a beautiful area for a family vacation home.”

-Frank and Tamara Husak
Chicago, IL

“The postcard that came in the mail advertising Castlerock Lake just seemed too good to be true, but we just had to go check it out. We had discussed getting a lake house for some time, but never really put any effort into trying and we felt as if the postcard was telling us something. After taking the tour, we knew that Castle Rock Lake was the place for our family! The wooded area, the quiet lake and the amazing lots sold us, and we bought a lot immediately! We absolutely love our lake house and continue to make lasting memories with our family throughout time. Looking back, we should have purchased more than one lot!

-The McCormicks, Copper Point
Geneva, IL

“Our family has been vacationing in the area for years and thanks to Pavloski Developments, we now have a site of our own that fits our needs. My young family couldn’t be happier with our new getaway, and Creative Builders made sure we have a comfortable cabin to escape to. At Stone Gate we receive the benefit of an idyllic location only an hour away from Madison while enjoying the type of quality that we love to share with our friends and family.”

-Brad Niebuhr
Madison, WI

“My husband and I had been looking for the perfect property that was close enough to Chicago but seemed like an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the workweek. We found that dream in working with the Pavloski brothers. Their true professionalism, knowledge of the industry, and dedication and passion for Wisconsin are apparent in everything they do.” 

-Sheila & Mark Hale

“Pavloski Developments is military-friendly, and it showed in their dedication throughout the process of purchasing our lot and building our home. The developers ensured that we were satisfied along every step of the way and their commitment to making sure the Stone Gate area maintains its beauty is the primary reason we decided to move 20 miles and call this our home.”

-Travis and Geena/U.S. Active Duty Military

“We had talked for years about a ‘lake home.’ I grew up on the water on the East Coast, and my wife grew up in La Crosse with its three big rivers. Our kids and their families are spread all over the country. As we approached retirement, we wanted a comfortable base from which we could visit our far-flung family, but have family gatherings with fun activities for the grandchildren. Our home on Copper Lake is just that–sand beach and clear water for swimming right in the back yard and our own boat slip five minutes from the house that lets us cruise Castle Rock Lake and find some of the best fishing in Wisconsin.”

-Keith and Linda Walker, Homeowners on Copper Lake

“My family decided to purchase a family getaway this year and quickly stumbled upon a property on Stone Gate Lake in New Lisbon, WI. The private lake is great and has a perfect beachfront and community center for the young kids to play. We also enjoy the 2-minute drive to Castle Rock Lake, where we are able to boat and have adult fun. The sunsets are great and so is the short drive to get here. We are very happy with our purchase.”

-David Sreenan & Family
Janesville, WI

“When it came time for my wife and me to retire, we wanted to relocate in Wisconsin close to our kids in Madison. We looked all around the Madison area for a retirement home ‘on the water’. We looked first at the Stone Gate Lake Development. Although everything looked really good, it was our first adventure and we wanted to be sure that this was it. We then contacted a realtor in Madison and looked at nearly 100 other lakefront properties. None of these other places could measure up to Stone Gate Lake. Living on Stone Gate Lake has been everything we hoped it would be–we couldn’t be happier!”

-Jim & Karen Braun, owners at Stone Gate Lake

“My wife and I purchased our lot through Pavloski Development (a few) years ago and built immediately. Working with the recommended builder and developers made the process almost seamless!  We have spent countless weekends year-round enjoying one of the best lakes around and the clubhouse and other amenities in the Copper Point development!  We have recommended other friends to the area and look forward to our time there all year.”

-Mike and Laura Eaton
New Berlin, WI

“We love family time at the cabin! We have three kids and an extremely large extended family that love being active all year round. Being on Copper Lake at Copper Point fits our family’s needs perfectly. During the summer, we go for countless walks around the lake, swim, paddleboard, fish, and kayak right out our back door. We walk across the street and hop aboard the boat to do some tubing, water skiing and just enjoy the ‘big’ lake. During the fall and winter, we log more walking miles around the lake, ice skate, play hockey, snowshoe, sled, visit the rec center, and just enjoy the coziness of the cabin. Our family looks forward to pulling up the driveway every time we come because we all feel instantly relaxed. We couldn’t ask for anything more. This is a great place to create lasting memories with family and friends.”
-Tom and Kelly (Eden Prairie, MN)

“After 17 years of running the Cambridge house bed-and-breakfast we needed to start looking for our getaway dream house we found the perfect location at Pavloski Waterfront Developments, Island Lake. Brad was the perfect host and we began building in March 2018. The location, the Lake, the Beach, and surrounding neighbors were the perfect place to settle down our families love to visit and utilize the beachfront and water we highly recommend if you are looking for your dream getaway home to come and see what Pavloski Waterfront Developments has for you”
-Linda and Jeff Leoni


We have been looking for a lake house for our family to share for generations to come, and when we saw what was being offered by Brad Pavloski and his brother we knew right away that we found the perfect place. Brad and team worked with us to complete the purchase remotely and it was all done very professionally. We can’t say enough good things about everything related to the purchase of our lake house and the developments as a whole.”

Ron and Karina Miles
Naperville, IL